Name : Guy Mortier

Age : 48 Years

Birthday : 31 August

School: SMI -Aalst

Favorite Color : Red

Favorite Book : Computing

Favorite Film: Back To the Future

Favorite Food : Belgian Chips and Mussels ,Pizza

Favorite soft-Drink : Coca-Cola and Coke Light and Cherry Coke

Favorite Beer : Duvel

What Do you Collect ? : Coca-Cola cans and other things

Social Media :


Guy Mortier





My Favorite Music:

Simple Minds,Duran Duran ,Wham ,Bryan Adams ...

and also music from 60’s to 90’s





I'm Guy Mortier from Belgium .I'm living at Aalst a city between the big ones Gent and Brussels , Flanders region of Belgium this last one is the heart of Europe . Aalst City is famous in Belgium because of his carnival  

I'm 48 years old and I'm operator  in Bakery food factory ( number one in Belgium) I do also analyst  programmer , web-scripting for my career-job. I'm married and two daughters Emily and Eline. I like to spend my free time at my Coca-Cola cans Collection and my computer (I make sites and other things) .  I'm started my collection at 1984 . It started since 1980 when I collected all different soda cans and beer cans ( I found many empty cans from Oktoberfest in Wieze and some places with many peoples  ) . But at 1984 I started to collect Coca-Cola from all over the world (cans,bottles,gadgets ,glasses and other things )

In 1990 a had more than 1000 cans . Later I met other collectors so we could exchange our double cans . In 1994 ,I had contacts with 17 several collectors . After my marriage and moving , I stopped collecting gadgets and items (bottles and glasses). It became to much . So I decided to
select and keep collecting cans only (*) . I have more than 2700 several cans and I made new collector friends at Internet . Now I thanks at the all collectors and friends from Internet with who I I've got contact and trades .Now at the beginning of this millennium I have more than 5000 visitors on my site and also  have got more than 3.500 several cokecans from 78 countries all over the world in my collection . 20 years later... new site "" is bored since end 2004  and I have more than 6400 different Coca-Cola cans. and more than 40.000 visitors and 150 traders  I had contact for trade or deal ! I thanks all to tradefriends  for help find cans for my collection and newest cans! I send always gifts for my tradefriends . So made  more friends all over the world!  .. who's next in the future ?




Now I collect all Coca-cola cans (All kinds of Coke and Sizes) No bottles , Glasses  other Coca-Cola stuffs

I collect also Limited cans, shaped cans ,rare special Issues cans and Disney cans  form other brand marks or Coca-Cola products